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General Demolition
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  • Residential Demolition
  • Complete House Demolition
  • Remodel Demolition
  • Hard Scape Demolition
  • Mobile Home Demolition
  • Shed Demolition
  • Footing and crawl space excavations
  • Swimming Pool Demolition
  • Deconstruction & Recycling

We perform all types of demolition work.  Services include hand
demolition as well as machine demolition through use of our fleets of
different heavy michinary and our trucks. Land clearing services are
also available.

No job is too small. Our company strongly holds a drug free
environment policy to provide good and safe service to our clients.

To get rid of unwanted structures call the American Junk Removal
Inc, You’ll be glad you did!
1-866-781-JUNK (5865)