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We'll do all the work for you!

We are full service junk removal company.  We charge based on volume, you pay only for the space your
items takes in our truck.  We remove almost anything from old furniture and appliances to yard waste and
construction debris.

All our pricing include lifting, loading, cleanup and dump fees.  There is no hidden fees or weight cost, all
surcharges will be fully explained prior to doing any work

Bay Area dumps charge  anywhere from $75-$120 per ton for trash/junk ( approx).

Without actually seeing your items, it’s difficult to give you a price over the phone or online.  We’re
happy to send a team to you though.  After seeing your items, they’ll provide you with a no-
obligation upfront price, and will be prepared to get started on the spot.  Even if you can’t be
onsite, we can still come by and call you with an estimate for your job.

Our pricing for dense material is a bit different. For safety reasons, we can load the truck only to a depth of one foot.
These materials include: concrete, tile, brick, mortar, rock, sand, dirt etc. In these cases, we use our “Bedload” rates.
Rates                                 Fee (Approx)
Min. Charge                                      $69
1/2                                                   $250
1/2                                                  $250
Bedload Rates                  Fee (Approx)   
Minimum                                          $150
1/4                                                   $150
1/2                                                   $250
3/4                                                   $375
Surcharges                                      Fee
Tire                                       $12/per item
Full Load                                         $500
Tire(tractor/off road)              $20/per item
Appliances -Large                  $7/per item
Appliances-freon                  $22/per item
Mattresses or box spring       $15/per item
We accept:
Our Trucks are 20% to 40% BIGGER than our competitors.
Bigger Trucks "SAVES YOU MONEY!"
1/4                                                  $125
3/4                                                  $375
Full Truck                                       $500