Our Services
We are a full service junk removal company
No job is too small single item to multiple loads in a single day.  All you
need to do is show us where the junk is that needs to be remove we’ll
do all the lifting, clean up, loading and taking it to the dumpsite/
transfer station. We have fast and friendly staff that is ready to serve
your junk removal needs. Our company strongly holds a drug free
environment policy to provide good and safe service to our clients.

Thinking Green
Some junks are absolutely recyclable, we will try to the best of our
effort to recycle what we can to reduce additional landfill in your

Some junks are good junks, when we acquire a good amount of
donatable items. We will drive the truck straight to donation facilities to
donate the items in the charity of our choice to further reduce the
amount of landfill in our community.

To get rid of unwanted junk call the American Junk Removal Services
You’ll be glad you did!
1-866-781-JUNK (5865)
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